Ross Library Development Group


If you would like to become a member of Ross Library Development Group, you can find a Membership form here or join online here. If you want to learn more about membership, or to get involved in campaigning or would just like our occasional e-mail news updates, then please contact us at If you are concerned about sharing personal data, check our Privacy Policy.

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How you can help...

Want to help protect our library? Here are four simple things you could do - and ask friends to do:

  1. Drop in when you are passing - numbers count and visitors are all counted.
  2. Use the place - borrow books, use the computers - all counted.
  3. Like and share postings from our FB page and from the Herefordshire Libraries page to spread the good word.
  4. And let us know if you could spare a couple of hours now and then to make coffee, support computer rookies or run the bar at one of our evening events.